First Pick Alliance win at Memorial H.S.


During the day of competition we were able to score enough points that we could make it to the selection phase of the competition.We won the final four alliance selection rounds. The final winning alliance team was TOXIC (Team Captain) from GEARS, Inc in Granger, EFF 5 (Goshen area group) from ETHOS Science Center in Elkhart, and KnightBot from Indiana Math & Science Academy North in Indianapolis, Indiana.


Day Before

It is the day before competition and the team is tired and crabby. We have spent a lot of time on this robot these last two weeks and the team has been worn down. Tomorrow our team will have to pull together. We are going to start off by meeting and reminding each other that we are here in the first place because robotics is FUN. It is not about winning or losing or presentations or scores. It is about the joy of building something that can come alive with a group of our friends. We are a friend team! We truly believe that Engineering Is FUN!

Gobbert 2.0

Gobbert just got an upgrade and now it is much more effective. It can now climb the mountain and hang from the bar, put climbers into the shelter and trigger the climbers going up the mountain. It also has hardly any connection lose in the field so we can use him as effective as possible. We went through a lot of hard work to get this far and we feel very well about this upcoming competition.


Indy South Competition

Our first competition came and passed like a blink of an eye. At the competition we experienced some technical difficulties which were not uncommon for this competition. We came out with what we thought was a win. We ranked 22 out of 32 teams at the competition and were nominated for an award. For the competition it was a good start of the season and a good test run for our robot.


FLL At Goshen Middle School

We started our FLL robotics outside of the school system due to how they did not have a club. Although now, the school is starting a First Robotics team at Goshen Middle School. We were all excited that people in our community were getting excited in First and that now people have the opportunity in Goshen to join a team. While we were there, we showed the kids what they could do on a First team from project to the robot field and even core values.20151217_164507