Outreach & Member Development

AtMemorialHelping ETHOS Science Center, E3 Robotics, set up the FTC tournament at Elkhart Memorial High School on January 16, 2016.                                                                                                 

Industry Visitor, Craig Henkler, Owner, Provident Tool and Die in Wakarusa assists Alex on the robot in December and then comes to visit the team at ETHOS in January.  Thanks Mr. Henkler!




Helping to start a Goshen Middle School Robotics program

On December 17th we met with Mr. Schuetz and his group of Middle School students interested in starting a robotics team.  Since EFF 5 was an FLL team for 4 years before becoming an FTC team, it is a natural fit for us to encourage and mentor a team in our hometown. We were excited to help share the excitement of First Robotics.  Since this meeting was to introduce the club and the robotics program, we brought a couple of Lego robots and spent some time demonstrating some of the things that they would have to do at a competition including robotics, the project and of course core values.  We also let them drive them around to get a little excited about how fun robotics can be. At the end the kids seemed very excited to be starting this program.

Trash Trek

FLL Competition

Our team was allowed the opportunity to go and help at a FLL robotics competition with Ethos Science Center. We were able to help out in all three types of judging rooms and on the practice tables.  We were able to see some of the things that we had to do in an older set of eyes and have some appreciation as to what judges saw and how they graded teams.  We learned that it didn’t seem it was all about how well your robot worked or if your idea was the coolest. We saw that the judges were mainly looking for what the kids learned and if they benefited from the First experiences. It truly helped us see and new side to First.


20151107_164557 20151107_163528

Barnes & Noble Sale

On Saturday, November 7th, we went to the Barnes and Noble Mini Maker Fair to show off our FTC Robotics and new “maker” type products that encourage kids to get excited about technology as well as to make some money for our team. We demonstrated Ozobots, Spheros, Makey Makey, and our FTC robot, of course.  We were able to make 600 dollars while we demonstrated, and encouraged others to try, robotics and new products.



Spooktacular 2015 Ethos Science Center

Spooktacular 2015
Ethos Science Center

ETHOS SPOOKTACULAR  http://www.ethosinc.org/spooktacular-2015.html

Did you say “ETHOS Science Center Spooktacular” ?  We wouldn’t miss it! It’s great FUN!!
October 30 – 31 2015 – “Chemistry Colors Our World”
Friday 5:30 PM – 8:30 PM, Saturday 10 AM – 4 PM 

We helped demonstrate science and robotics and coached kids on use the hands on activities teaching science and technology.  There were over 1,000 attendees.


Ethos kick off

On the day the game came out we were able to go to ethos science center in Elkhart Indiana and see it firsthand what the game was about and brainstorm ideas with not only our team but many other teams from the northern part of Indiana. During the day we also took classes to explain how the new technology programing and electronics worked and how the strategy might go with the new game.


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Bloomington Makevention  http://makevention.org/

During the RepRap event we were able to meet some people who were interested in how our team of kids were 3D printing and building robots so they invited us to the Bloomington Makevention on August 29. There, we were able to demonstrate First Robotics, FLL and FTC, to a diverse group of attendees, including many kids and families.  We also demonstrated 3D printing and our team members talked to other kids about their experiences. For the very young and young at heart, we shared our love of superheros and kids could make masks and pose against our skyline as a superhero.  One of the really cool things about this event was that we each were able to participate in what the other booths had to offer.  Some of us made soap and some learned how to lock pick.  It was great fun for all of us.

20150829_125608 20150829_100856


Indy Pop Con  https://indypopcon.com/

On the Saturday, June 27, our team traveled to Indianapolis for the Indy Pop Con event. There we met a variety of people from all over that were excited about comics and movie characters.  First Robotics of Indiana wanted to use this venue to meet those fans who are interested in technology to help get the message out about FIrst Robotics.  We were glad to help.  We brought out robot and played all day with guests, giving them an opportunity to try their hand at driving and sharing with them all about First.

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DSCN1616 DSCN1619

Midwest RepRap Festival http://midwestreprapfest.org/wordpress/
At the beginning of our season, we went to a event called RepRap. This event was a gathering of companies and people who make and own 3d printers, scanners and technology creators from all over the world. They all came to show off their homemade technology.  We were there with our FTC robot and the 3D printer we were granted through First Robotics, Coca Cola and 3D Systems, the EkoCycle.  We demonstrated to the community and the world that 3D printing and robotics technology are not just for adults.  We met the owner and developers of SeeMeCNC http://www.seemecnc.com/ , the Great Fredini from Coney Island Scan-o-rama http://thegreatfredini.com/scan-a-rama/, and an Android programmer that would become one of our sponsors, and many other people that we were able to network with and learn from.