The superhero Mechano is Mark Rich under the mask. He started his superhero life of robotics for his first time in 2015. His first challenge is to save the zip liner hostages. He has achieved an arm that has the ability to rescue the hostages and fire them down a zip line. He now has the ability to save the hostages stuck on the mountain by Th3 G4m3M4$ cards

The superhero Data is the activator of all things made and used by EFF5. He is well experienced by being on the team for 6 years. When we have a programming problem or something we need programmed we go to him. He is an important part in the defense against The G4m3M4$ter.

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The superhero Bacon The Builder is a lead Mechanic on our team. He uses the power of bacon to construct amazing machines to help us in many ways on the mountain. He has used many tools and has 5 years of experiences with robotics and it has helped gravely in defense from The G4m3M4$t3r.

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The Human Wrench (AKA Jay Margush) is our lead builder of our drive train. He is the person that allowed us to make it to the mountain and get up it. He along with Bacon The Builder, Mechano, Build-A-Tron, and Data allow our robot to get moving in the cards

Delta is the main computer of the team. He can design the robot and shows the world what the team does on there mountain runs and helps everyone see who the team is.

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Build-A-Tron is the captain of the arm team. He is working on making an arm that is able to get to the top of the mountain to claim more points agents the Th3 G4m3M4$ cards